7 Duffy's Annotated Poems: IOC

7 Duffy's Annotated Poems: IOC

This should be your BIBLE for nailing the IOC, in both English A: Language and Literature HL and SL. These set of notes contain 7 FULL-ANNOTATED Duffy poems which are commonly used as extracts for the IOC. Each poem has been carefully annotated, with focus on literary devices, their interpretations, as well as thematic divison of the text. As a bonus, the annotations also include details on big ideas, structure, and context which are all essential elements to be discussed in an IOC. All fifteen poems have been annotated, with interpretations taken from class discussions, online resources, and more. Utilizing this as your bible for Carol Ann Duffy's poems, one of the texts used for IOC, will help you excel in English A Language and Literature, SL and HL!


The poems included in this PDF are those usually chosen by teachers worldwide for IOCs. These include:

  • Little Red Cap
  • The Chord
  • Diet
  • Eurydice
  • Foreign
  • Loud
  • Mrs. Aesop


Pro Tip: It is important to note that the IOC (individual oral commentary) constitutes for a hefty 15% of your overall grade. Given that this takes place internally, it is in your best interest to score well in this since many students find it challenging to score in the final exams.

  • Sample of Annotation

    A sample excerpt of the excellent quality, concise yet detailed content of the notes can be seen in the sample images above.