Macbeth: Annotated Version

Macbeth: Annotated Version

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This FULLY-ANNOTATED version of Macbeth can help you sail through your IOC with ease. With all important extracts highlighted and marked - it will also guide you on as to which texts are probable to come in your own IOC. The entire play has been annotated, with interpretations taken from class discussions, online resources, and more. Utilizing this as your bible for Macbeth, one of the texts used for IOC, will help you excel in English A Language and Literature, SL and HL. 


Pro Tip: It is important to note that the IOC (individual oral commentary) constitutes for a hefty 15% of your overall grade. Given that this takes place internally, it is in your best interest to score well in this since many students find it challenging to score in the final Lang and Lit exams.

  • Sample of Annotation

    In the images attached above, you can see a few sample pages of the detailed, clear, and high quality annotations which are found for nearly every scene of this play.