Macroeconomics: Revision Notes

Macroeconomics: Revision Notes

These are typedconcise, and yet detailed IB Economics notes which can be used as a revision guide as well as for last-minute studying. Key benefits of this personalized study guide include:

  • It covers ALL Units from 8 to 12. 
  • Any important point/concept has been highligted.
  • All important diagrams are also included with steps to understand memorize how to make them (a key component of the marking criteria)
  • Every unit is very concisely described for easy of understanding and for last minute revision.
  • It is being sold at a nominal price of Rs. 400.


These notes can help you memorize as well as understand key IB Economics concept, allowing you to excel in the examinations!

  • Sample of Notes

    A sample excerpt of the excellent quality, concise language, and typed format of the notes can be seen in the sample image above.